Order a Prototype.

In December 2014 our Kickstarter campaign was supported by 200 backers in 6 continents who pledged €25.000. But we did not reach our goal of €65.000, so we received zero funds. But as both gamers and makers, we try, we learn, we adapt and try again. So, we have started a Plan B which is split into two phases: Research & Development and Production.

During Research & Development:
—We will spend the next 2 to 3 months finalising the design.
—We will hand build 25 numbered limited edition prototypes including a Game Boy for €250 which you can order on the right via the paypal link (Delivery: Early March).
—We also welcome donations, to pay for our lunch/coffee :)

Later we will try large scale production again:
—In April 2015 we will run another Kickstarter with a larger chance of success due to:
—Potential buyers having more funds (as it won’t be christmas).
—A lower target by using an alternative to injection moulding.

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Josh & Zane :)

Prototypes no longer available.
19. March 2016
We will not be accepting any new orders until we have worked away our current backlog.
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